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Breadboard Protoboard Combo

Breadboard Protoboard Combo

Breadboard and Protoboard Combo Pack

Breadboard 400

Standard solderless breadboard with 2 power strips and 400 contact points.

ProtoBoard 400

High quality,double-sided prototype board designed for quick and quality prototyping.  These are production quality boards with solder mask and silk screen. The board has 464 plated through holes. The board is laid out to match a 400-point  breadboard with the same row and column markings. This allows you to build a circuit on a breadboard then transfer the design to the proto

board exactly as it is on the breadboard. An additional double column of holes runs through the middle of the board for additional power connections.

These boards are durable and easy to work with. You won't have to worry about pads coming loose with this board!



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